Florence Scovel Shinn,

metaphysical teacher to millions over the past 100 years,

teaches us in The Game of Life and How to Play It



We.   Are.   Limitless.

When we’re actively implementing Florence’s teachings, we’re up and life is GREAT!

When we forget, or we simply don’t know how….

life challenges return and we struggle in despair, disappointment and desperation.

The problem is… 

we get stuck in survival mode.

Survival mode is a cold, lonely, desperate place.



Implementing Florence’s simple, miraculous, timeless teachings


is challenging in today’s fast paced world.

 It’s like being trapped on an out of control roller coaster
— where help cannot hear you
— and it certainly is not coming.

Have you been asking for a sign to show you how to consistently create a better life?

A sign to SHOW – You – How – To:

help you recover and overcome adversity when it blindsides you **Every**Freakin’**Time** you try to improve your life?

help you manage and control your manifesting energy and break up forever with your BFF ==> “Worry”?
guide you to the action steps to FINALLY create and live the happy and prosperous life that is yours by Divine Right?

You’ve come to the right place to

get off the Roller Coaster Chaos of SURVIVAL MODE.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if you could get personal help from Florence EVERY time you needed it?

~~~ The chaos and struggle of your life would disappear…

~~~~ AND you could manifest what you want…

Every.   Time.



Even though Florence’s physical body passed in 1940, you can still receive her spiritual support.

And… more importantly, get the support tools you need and the virtual physical support of me and my team.

I’m Kate Large, the Leading Authority on the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn.

My experience of the past 30 years supporting thousands of people across the soils and waters of Mother Earth is this…

People (*YOU and ME*) Need


Powerful Support Tools at Our Fingertips

Powerful support tools that show you the details of Why/How, plus give you action steps to take to manage and overcome adversity to create the highest possible outcome in every situation life throws at you.

AND…      The Human Hand of Support

The virtual physical hand of support to answer questions and hold the energetic space for you as a group (Power of Two PLUS!) to create the highest possible outcome – no matter what is going on around you.
You’re not alone anymore.



The manifesting process is the same for everyone.


The support tools required to complete the process are


the same for everyone.

This… is why most Law of Attraction teachings fail.

They teach the same support tools/actions for everyone in every scenario and do NOT acknowledge the fact that you are an individual vibrating at your own frequency of energy – experiencing your own personal pain.

We get this.

This understanding is why we provide a surplus of support tools, from “Quick” to “In-Depth”, for your every need.

and we deliver them differently than anyone else.

Plus we include…

The virtual physical, human hand of support.

Like Florence, my staff and I understand the human Field of Potentiality.

As a result,

— without any doubt or hesitation —

~~ just like Florence did for her students ~~

 we know that what you want is already yours in your Field of Potentiality.

But more importantly, we know how to HOLD the Energy

and support YOU to know it, too.

Just like these students:

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Dominikija's Experience
Prior to “The Game of Life” finding its way to me, I had worked for a few years with a spiritual counselor (1995-2001) which gave me a great foundation. I’ve been successful in my life in many regards however, I can see that I have placed limits on myself based on past upbringing and ingrained beliefs.

In 2008 I enrolled in a 1 year mentor program with Bob Proctor. I developed a better understanding of how to “play the game of life” in just two months with The Game of Life Workbook than after one year in Bob’s program.

The Game of Life Mastery program has been a fantastic experience for me. I believe I was lead to meet Kate, and when given the opportunity to study with her I didn’t think twice. Kate took me from where I was in my spiritual journey before the program to a new level. She put my spiritual growth on steroids, through her kind and caring explanations to her guided meditations, to move me closer to my spiritual and life goals. I was skeptical anyone could teach me the steps I needed to rid myself of worry. Yet Kate’s step-by-step guidance did wonders for me. I met my personal “worry angel” (Simon) and handed over my worries to him. Does this mean I’m worry free? No, I just now know how to purge my worries quickly. In addition, I’ve noticed a great diminishing of worries in my life since meeting my “worry angel.”

Kate is not afraid to share her personal experiences, of her own spiritual journey, which creates a comfort in approaching her and asking the questions you might think are trivial; but you find are not. Another aspect of this program that just blew me away was the amount of bonus material she shares with each participant. You will find Kate is unselfish in pouring out her resources to support your spiritual journey and growth.

Dominikija Prostak

Amy's Experience
I want to preface this by saying have engaged in spiritual seeking for over 20 years. I have tried and failed countless times. But, I did not give up and kept seeking. I registered for The Game of Life Mastery Program the instant it was available. I was, and continue to be amazed at how quickly things changed, the powerful breakthroughs I have experienced and the changes in me since starting the program.

All the things I tried before had good information and advice, but not much clear direction on how to implement it. Kate gives you an abundance of tools to accomplish this. She also provides clear guidance on how to work with your Angels for guidance and support.

The private Facebook page is also a tremendous support. Not only will others respond and support you, but Kate herself regularly responds, answers questions and gives you inspiration and warm, loving support.

I have made more progress since I started this program then in the previous more than 20 years of effort combined. Kate is an inspirational, motivational and effective teacher and leader of this wonderful program.

Amy Goguen

Mary Jo's Experience
Kate’s teachings have blown me away. I have been on a spiritual path for so many years, most recently focusing on learning to work with my angels. I have books, recordings, articles, paid readings and have learned a lot. But I have never had so many strategies presented to me as Kate has done. All of the meditations, processes, strategies, and guest speakers address different aspects of life. The affirmation information took the concept to a whole new level. All of the love and forgiveness activities are ones I am using.

Kate’s love and compassion comes through in each lesson. Sharing her own difficulties was so helpful as I struggle and feel that I must be the only one that struggles.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I got way, way more than I ever dreamed in the Game of Life Mastery Program.

God bless you,
Mary Jo Cox

Camille's Experience
My a-ha moment was recognizing the many different types of emotions under the umbrella of “fear”. I was able to shift with the tools taught to the love energy quite quickly. I could see the difference in my surroundings when I did this. I feel different too — empowered – because I was able to recognize my fear and make a choice of HOW I want to feel, then shift it.

I have taken many different classes that were similar to The Game of Life Mastery Program, yet the energy of this class was different. The teachings took me to a different level of being. The teachings are simple yet profound.

Divine Blessings,
Camille Pukay, Animal Communicator and Reiki Specialist

Dawn's Experience
Even though I’ve done so much of my own healing, The Game of Life Mastery Program illuminated areas and beliefs I’d kept well hidden.  With each successive lesson, I dug increasingly deeper with the aid tools provided and the warm, encouraging support of Kate and my classmates.  Each lesson allowed me to uncover something whether on my own or by hearing and being triggered by other students.  I was amazed at how much more healing I needed and was THRILLED to do so right then & there!

This program helped me to shift out of old patterning, beliefs, attitudes, and habits that have been blocking me from living a full life.  Sometimes the biggest hurdle is identifying the block or the false belief you’ve been carrying around deep, deep within!  The gentle and loving acceptance of Kate and the other members of the class on the FB community and the use of provided support tools allowed me to take risks in feeling through my old wounds and defenses to fully release that old emotional energy.  I feel much lighter with increased feelings of peace and calm.

It’s not ‘magic’ as you need to do the work and excavate your interior landscape but you learn to believe in yourself and own the power of your positive beliefs… in yourself and in the world/universe to support & provide for you.  I have seen and experienced firsthand the power of my beliefs and the universe joining and creating synchronicities and events occurring for my highest good.

I love the book, “The Game of Life and How to Play It” by Florence Scovel Shinn, and the pure simplicity of it.  Then, to have the benefit of delving in deeper to each lesson weekly with Kate was such a bonus.  This book and this course are really timeless and I have found myself returning to both the book and lesson & tools again & again as other events arise in life AND finding solutions and further insights I didn’t see the first time through the material.  It truly is masterful at teaching me to ‘retrain my brain’ out of a fear & scarcity mindset to that of trust & abundance!

I highly recommend this course as it is life changing…from the inside out!

Dawn Pinke Anderson, Minnesota

Kate's Experience ~~ Founder Manifesting with Florence & Kate Support Community
When I was introduced to Florence’s simple, timeless teachings, my life was more than a mess.

My daughter and I were often hiding out from my ex-husband who used meth, I was struggling financially and would burst into tears if I pulled into the parking lot at work and my boss’s truck was already there.

I felt as if I were drowning in fear, yet never physically dying.

Then, I met a woman who saw the light within me struggling to survive.  She went to her bookcase and asked her angels, “What can I give her to help her?”

“The Game of Life and How to Play It” fell right out of the bookcase on to the floor.

When I began to read Florence’s words written over 60 years before, they resonated within me and I began to feel my own power rushing through my body.  (OMG… is this what it feels like to be alive?  I had forgotten…)

I could FEEL Florence’s loving energy supporting me and I began to create miracles: LEFT and RIGHT.

Then I’d get caught up in my every day “To Do” and before I realized what was happening, I was struggling to crawl out of the pit of despair and desperation I’d fallen in – AGAIN!

I KNEW there had to be a way to consistently implement Florence’s teachings, but what was it?   I asked my angels to send me support tools to overcome the fear that ruled my life.

And they did.

Over and over and over again.

The support tools worked and my life miraculously improved over and over again.

When adversity would strike (because when you live in a physical body it will)…  I KNEW why and I KNEW what to do and I created the highest possible outcomes – what I wanted and better!

I learned to manage my internal creation energy – and I knew what to do when I was off in “la-la land” not paying attention to my energy to get control of it again.

I taught my clients and students the support tools I’d been given, held the energetic space for them to claim their power and their lives improved.

I didn’t keep all this goodness to myself – oh no….

* I wrote the support tools down.
* Recorded meditations.
* Presented classes.
* Wrote books and published them.
** Created this membership community for you, so you would have the opportunity to STOP the struggle and do more than just survive.

Don’t let another day go by on your own.

Will you join us?

All my love,

Are we exempt from negativity, adversity, and challenges, i.e., living perfect lives?

Of course not.

We’re humans, just like you, living in a physical world of negativity and duality.
(anyone who tells you that mastering the LOA will give you a life that is challenge free is not being truthful)


We KNOW what to do

to NOT ONLY manage adversity when it strikes,

we know how to overcome it and create the highest possible outcome over and over again.

~~~ No Matter What’s Going On Around Us ~~~

So what the heck do we have at our fingertips that you don’t?

A Surplus of Support Tools

When I say surplus, I’m serious.


Managing your power to manifest the life you dream of requires more than a One Size Fits All Solution.

Each one of us is vibrating at our own level of understanding and growth – a method, modality or technique that works magnificently for Bill may not work well for Erica.

Plus… as we grow and expand our consciousness, our healing process and tools will also need to expand into higher alignment.

The Manifesting with Florence & Kate Support Community consists of practical step-by-step guidance that includes, but is not limited to:

  • short videos
  • foundation tools (to set a stable foundation for manifesting what you want)
  • meditations
  • classes
  • full programs (when you need it)
  • Q&A opportunities.

Whether you’re new to Florence’s teachings or a seasoned veteran, there is support guidance here for everyone – all you have to do is choose how you want to Feed-Your-Soul today.

For example…

Support Modules

Each support module addresses a specific “popular” problem, such as:

“I try to improve my life and manifest what I want, but instead I keep manifesting things I do NOT want.  What am I doing wrong?”

If you had the answer to this ONE question,
life would be different, wouldn’t it?

Kate brings Florence’s 1925 teachings into the 21st century!

The Game of Life & How to Play It was originally written in 1925.

A lot has changed since then – specifically how we speak.

We bring Florence’s teachings from almost 100 years ago into today’s world with practical examples, exercises and support tools while holding the energy for you to manifest success!

You’ll have access to the most comprehensive collection of support tools on the planet in the  Dynamic Manifesting Library:

Worksheets to:

  • place your order with the Universe
  • monitor your energy leaks
  • journal with your angels
  • follow energy breadcrumbs with your angels to heal painful energy that’s been between you and the happier life you want to manifest
  • re-write subconscious records/neural pathways of belief
  • cleanse, clear and bless your home
Basic Foundation Support Tools that address:

  • Energy
  • Darkness before the Dawn
  • Subconscious Records/Neural Pathways of Belief
  • Army of the Aliens
  • Resistance/Conflict Energy & Your Truth Center
  • The Power of Observation
  • LOVE the most powerful, magnetic force in the Universe
  • Energy Breadcrumbs

Support at your fingertips on your electronic devices.

Oh… I mentioned we work with Angels, right?

Check this out!

Complete,  full programs to show you step-by-step how to communicate with your angels 

you can ask for help in the private FB community

…and get it!

Meet & work with your
Angelic Team with these programs:

Communicate with Your Angels

Receive & Understand Messages from Your Angels

Meet Your Worry Angel (full program)

Meet Your Money Angel (full program)

You’ll also get access to these meditations:

Meet Your Guardian Angel
Meet Jesus
Meet Your Worry Angel

New to meditation?  No worries…

we’ve got meditation support!

Guidance to make Meditation easier:
* grounding

* quiet your mind (shared with permission of the Chopra Center)

Guided Meditations:
* Clear Your Chakras
* Children of the Angelic Realm
* Cleanse and Clear
* Forgiveness
* Gratitude
* Healing Circle of Love
* Access Your Higher Self
* Love
* Love to Self
* Heal Mother Earth
* Claim Your Power
* Shift Your Energy to Love
* Worthiness


A guided journey

to meet the Spiritual Essence Energy of

Florence Scovel Shinn

You’ll also get access to these Step-by-Step Programs

Plus Bonuses & Goodies:

* Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness with Kate & Dr. Anne Marie Evers, the Affirmation Doctor

* Disconnect Energy Cords, strands, strings and cables

* Give Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness

* Master Loving Relationships – from Family to Work and Everything in Between

* Create Your Heaven on Earth

* Create More Love in Your Life

* Step into Your Field of Potentiality

* Create Miracles

 * 5 Day Mini Vacation with Your Angels – full program + extra days!

* Angels & Full Moon Energy Reveal: Your Pathway to Miracles

* Angels & New Moon Energy Reveal: Access to Your Prosperity Portal

* Moon Cycle Blueprint for Prosperity – PDF

* Peek into Your Future during Mercury Retrograde

Loving Grief Support from recorded programs – includes audio & transcripts

* Celebrate Eternal Love
* Embrace the Love that Transcends Death
* Love is Eternal

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Amy Goguen is our in house EFT expert who can answer your questions.

We include videos and scripts to help you overcome and heal specific past experiences and problems.

We’re still not finished!

Also included: The Game of Life Mastery Program 5.0

This is the full recorded program based on The Game of Life Workbook!

* 10 classes with audio and transcripts

Note:  If you do not have a copy of “The Game of Life Workbook” you may get your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any other reputable online bookstore.  HOWEVER, you do NOT need the workbook to gain amazing benefit from the program!

And… you can download a PDF file of Florence’s original book,
The Game of Life and How to Play It,
to your electronic device.

Again…  there’s more…

You can listen to Florence ‘s teachings anywhere on your phone.

The Game of Life and How to Play It audio book, read by Kate, is yours!

Just how cool is that?

Now for your human hand of support


When you join the
ACTIVE Private Facebook Community
you’ll have access to real time answers and support.

  Question?  Click into the private FB community and ask!

  ===> GET the Power of Two exponentially powered-up!

You can expect:

* to receive loving support and your questions answered

* info on the FEATURED Support Tool of the Week

* Manifesting Monday

* Empowerment Tuesday

* Speak the Word Wednesday

* Tapping Thursday (EFT)

Our Support Specialist and EFT expert, Amy Goguen, and I engage and interact with you, answering questions in the private Facebook community!

~ ask for help ~ ask for a treatment ~ ask the questions you need answered ~

We’ve got your back  —  you’re not alone anymore!

And… we have MORE!

Each month 2019 will deliver exciting interactive events
that are recorded so you can listen in Any Time

LIVE Mastery Classes covering and teachings topics such as:

* unforgiveness
* angelic communication
* energy breadcrumbs
* self-love
* cords, strings, threads
* harmonious relationships
* affirmations
* chakra clearing

Bite size nuggets from the GAME of LIFE Mastery Program – examples:

* want energy
* victim mindset
* prosperity mindset
* power of blessing
* purse of spirit

Mastery Experts covering topics such as:

* healing – distant/in-person
* angels
* mediumship
* house clearing/blessings
* brainwave
* tapping

So… are you concerned about how you’re going to fit
another program into your busy schedule?

I get it – overwhelm is the #1 complaint of people in programs.

Well…  you’re going to LOVE this!

What makes this experience so life changing and different from everything else you’ve tried

is this:

Manifesting with Florence & Kate is NOT a program.

This is a support community membership loaded with all the support tools listed above and more.

Information that you have access to – At Your Fingertips – 24/7.

Materials you need to Feed-Your-Soul today, next week and next year.

AND…  You’ll be a

Valued Member

of the Private Facebook community where you’ll receive the loving virtual hand of support from

Amy, my Support Specialist and Me, as well as the other members.

You’ll have access to EVERYTHING from your electronic devices TWENTY-FOUR/SEVEN.

BUT WAIT!!   — That’s NOT ALL!


Lean in closer…


I want to tell you something you do not know…

We’ve created a video series that is unparalleled.

A DYNAMIC video series that separates us from the herd of other metaphysical and LOA teachers.

We’ve created:  Short,

Highly Descriptive and Easy to Understand

videos that teach the inner mechanics of manifesting.


Manifest like a genie with unlimited wishes and powers

when you SEE and understand the inner workings of manifesting through this


video series that you CAN-NOT get anywhere else.

That’s right…

You’ll have exclusive access

24/7 to watch and refer back – any time you wish.

A new, 5 – 12 minute, video is released every 2 weeks.


how do you become a valued member and

get instant, immediate access to the support tools you’ve been praying for

….and what’s it going to cost you?

~~~ Put your seat belt on ~~~

The monetary energy exchange to be a member of this loving supportive community is designed to fit everyone’s budget at only $22.22 per month.

Yep!  $22.22 per month

That’s right – not a typo!

Why am I practically giving away all this information and support?

WHY is this SO Inexpensive when it’s so life changing?

Here’s Why:

When I was new to my spiritual path, learning to meditate without falling asleep (fyi I still fall asleep), struggling to communicate with my angels and guides, I stumbled and floundered by myself trying to find my way.

I knew there was a way to access the power within me to create a happier life, but I didn’t have a clue how to manage or focus that power, much less access it.

I had Florence’s teachings, but I needed human help — a human voice.  But quite honestly, I was a single mom and money was really tight.  Then a mentor offered to let me attend one of her classes for $20.

O-M-G!  I could pull together $20!  That class… Changed-My-Life!

I want to pay that generosity forward and help others to embark on their journey to manifest whatever they want.

I could easily charge $100 per month – or more – for this loving, compassionate, fully stocked membership community.

But, I won’t.

Years ago, this membership would have Answered My Prayers when I was looking for help and couldn’t find it in physical form.  With it’s combined balance of human voice and support materials, I would have cut YEARS off of struggling by myself.

Now, I want you to easily be able to make the decision to join this “answer to a prayer” support community.

Will you join us?

Why time is of the essence…

Facts are facts.

Time is evaporating.

Last year, last month, last week, yesterday…


In a few moments, we’ll be looking back at today from tomorrow.

Reaching for what you want and n-e-v-e-r quite getting it
does NOT have to be the story of your life.

Nor does being miserable & desperate feeling alone.

It’s time… to write a NEW Story.

Scroll up and get on the Waiting List to be notified when Registration Doors OPEN!

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